Write a report about the misuse of the school playground

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On our school playground, we expect students to follow our discipline guidelines: Students act responsibly by staying in designated areas, getting permission before leaving the playground. Understanding the rules, taking care of and returning recess equipment, and lining up promptly when the bell rings are expected behaviors.

Sample letters to follow up with a reminder. Copied! It is May 15th and your homeowner's dues are ten days tardy. As you know, the Homeowners' Association relies on dues to maintain the grounds, roads and condos in the area. 1. If a child injures him or herself during recess and bleeding occurs, a Playground Teacher must use gloves and paper towels and take the child to the school nurse, while one other Playground Teacher continues to supervise the children.

2. All injuries are reported to the school nurse in the form of an “accident report form." 3. Dealing with suspected cases of abuse. School staff will listen to and work closely with parents to make sure your child feels safe and protected in the school environment. If you suspect that a child is being abused, you should report it to police or local social services.

In the school there are concentrated clusters of children that are directed to a segregated playground that has been designed with the input of school personnel to be most appropriate for the school grade of the user, rather than the age.

Write a report about the misuse of the school playground
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