Sickle cell anemia a case study approach to teaching high school genetics

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Sickle Cell Anemia: A Case Study Approach to Teaching High School Genetics Developers: Jeanne Ting Chowning (original author and creator) Northwest Association for Biomedical Research Megan Brown, Ph.D. & Maureen Munn, Ph.D. (revisions and additions) Education Outreach Department of Genome Sciences University of Washington Contents: • Sickle Cell Anemia Case Study: Summary •.

The following case study focuses on a year-old boy from Guyana who is referred by his family physician for jaundice, normocytic anemia, and recurrent acute bone pains. Test your knowledge by reading the background information below and making the proper selections.

Race and health refers to the relationship between individual health and one's race and usagiftsshops.comences in health status, health outcomes, life expectancy, and many other indicators of health in different racial and ethnic groups is well documented, referred to as health is a complex concept, and the two major competing theories of.

Incorporating a New Bioinformatics Component into Genetics at a Historically Black College: Outcomes and Lessons a sickle cell anemia case can be used to teach students how to use the NCBI nucleotide database by having them look up hemoglobin A (accession number the teaching approach was more of a “guide on the side” versus a.

Human genetic disease, any of the diseases and disorders that are caused by mutations in one or more genes. With the increasing ability to control infectious and nutritional diseases in developed countries, there has come the realization that genetic diseases are a major cause of disability, death, and human tragedy.

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Sickle cell anemia a case study approach to teaching high school genetics
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