Fiction writing prompts for high school

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Need a starting point? Try these creative writing prompts to get you started on the right foot.

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100 Short Story (or Novel) Writing Prompts

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50 creative writing prompts to enrich your craft

Continue Chief from Here Tell where it allows, what it eats, and what it dies. Fiction writing prompts for high school, creative ideas for writers in grades 9 to 12 and above, all themed around April.

Ideas for lessons on writing. Bring out your child’s inner wordsmith with these fourth grade writing worksheets that will energize and inspire even the most reluctant writers. Prompts involving zombies, volcanoes, and secret passageways will get the creative juices flowing, while other skills-focused worksheets will help them.

Ever feel stumped? Uninspired? Blank? These creative writing prompts will kick your muse into high gear so you can start writing again. Be creative and have fun! Looking for fun fiction writing prompts to exercise your creative muscle? Here is a massive collection of 63 entertaining prompts.

Attention! Not your run-of-the-mill creative writing prompts. Creative writing exercises for fantasy, romance, horror, sci fi, short story, etc Download them all in one neat, free PDF.


MATH, READING AND WRITING PROGRAMS. After assessing current needs with a state-aligned online diagnostic program and grade level writing prompts, we can put together a customized learning program to help your student retain math, reading and/or writing skills during the school year and throughout the summer.

What Students & Teachers Are Saying “I won second place in my library’s writing contest with a story I wrote for an assignment in this book. This is the most enjoyable course I took this year!” — ANNA, a freshman “S haron’s course is a great way to introduce high school students to the concepts of fiction.

These keys will help them analyze fiction while writing their own.”.

30 New Fiction Writing Ideas (Middle School) Fiction writing prompts for high school
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Writing Fiction in High School by Sharon Watson