Chinese schools

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Education in China

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This section readers not cite any sources.

School in China

Michigan Chinese School (MCS) provides support to the education of the Chinese language and culture with a racially non discriminatory policy towards it's students. The School is an equal opportunity employer with a policy of zero tolerance against discrimination on the basis of race, age, and sexual orientation with respect to.

The Milwaukee Academy of Chinese Language offers extensive lessons from qualified professionals on the Mandarin Chinese language and culture. Using instructional language labs, MACL provides Chinese language instruction in small group settings on a daily basis.

Today, million Chinese get three levels of school education, (elementary, junior and senior high school) doubling the rate of increase in the rest of the world during the same period. Net elementary school enrollment has reached percent, and the gross enrollment rate in.

Chinese-heritage school, or “Saturday school,” is a dedicated space for ABCs (“Americans Born Chinese”) like myself to learn Mandarin and Chinese culture. In my own experience, it was.

Many students also attend 補習班 (buxiban), or cram school, in the evening and on weekends. Much like tutoring in the West, schools in China offer additional Chinese, English, science and math classes and one-on-one tutoring. Aside from math and science, students take Chinese, English, history, literature, music, art, and physical education.

Many Chinese parents want to send their children to America to go to school there. In preparation for that, most kids take English as an extracurricular class. This is in addition to the English classes they take in school three times a week starting from third grade.

Chinese schools
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